“FC Porto is a very smart, cunning team. They have Pepe…”

Statements from the Antwerp coach before the clash with the Dragons, for the Champions League.
ark Van Bommel is one of the biggest names in Dutch football in recent decades. He has a lot of experience at Champions League level and knows how to recognize a ‘tricky’ team. Now, he is Antwerp’s coach and spoke about the ‘cleverness’ of FC Porto, the team he will face this Tuesday.

“What I learned from the first game against FC Porto was that they are a very smart, cunning team. They have been playing at this high level for a long time. They remain calm in adverse situations, they have Pepe, who is a bulwark of experience. Don’t worry. he lets himself impress and he knows he can turn around complicated situations. He knows how to use the qualities he has. In the last game FC Porto lost, it wasn’t good, but that’s not that important. The players are more than vaccinated and they know how to deal I’m fine with these defeats. What matters is the next game and preparing the players for what’s coming.”

Van Bommel’s men are not in the best form in the Belgian championship and face some opposition. “We are on our way to being a big club, we are on the rise. We can lose, even successively, sometimes. It’s difficult, but we have two defeats in Belgium, three more in the Champions League. I understand that it is difficult for the fans, but we have to maintain calm down”, warned the Dutchman.

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