Abel Ferreira’s answer that seems to indicate what his future will be

The Portuguese coach had left his continuity at Palmeiras open, but should continue with the São Paulo team.

Ahe last few hours were marked by a lot of uncertainty regarding what Abel Ferreira’s future will be. After winning his second title, the Portuguese coach left open the possibility of leaving Brazil , but continuity will be closer.

On the sidelines of the Bola de Prata award, which took place this Thursday, Abel Ferreira indicated that he could continue with the São Paulo team in 2024, despite rumors of a proposal from Qatar.

“I think so (that I will stay)” said the Portuguese coach, briefly, in statements to ESPN Brasil.

Later, and already on stage to receive the award for best coach of the Brasileirão, the tone used was more considered. The former Sporting de Braga assured that he will listen to his family before deciding on the future.

“I made choices, in recent years, thinking about myself, about what is best for my career. It was never what is best for my family. The time has come to think about them. The only thing I can say is that I will decide with the heart and the head. Football has a very negative impact on our development as men and women. We are very selfish and self-centered, which is why it is so difficult to manage egos in football”, highlighted Abel Ferreira.

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