Bruno Fernandes talks again about the penalty against Everton: “Simply…”

The Portuguese international conceded the maximum punishment to Marcus Rashford, who scored against the Toffees

BRuno Fernandes gave an interview to DAZN Portugal this Friday, in which he spoke about the season he is having with Manchester United.

The Portuguese international acknowledged that the team is not in the position it wants to be in, and that even he himself is falling short of expectations in terms of goals and assists.

“I, on an individual level, always include the collective and, obviously, we are not in the position we want to be in. We have already left the League Cup, which we didn’t want, in the championship and in the champions league we are not in the positions we want to be in and that , for me individually, it also counts and even in terms of goals and assists I could have had more. In certain moments I didn’t make the right decision when passing or I took a little longer or I accelerated too much and, when it comes to goals, I think I’ve had opportunities to score more goals and I could have, but I’m happy with what I’ve been doing. There’s always room for better, obviously”, the Red Devils midfielder began by saying.

Bruno Fernandes also explained again why he conceded a penalty to Rashford against Everton, which the English striker would have converted.

“(It was) simply, because I felt that Marcus hadn’t scored a goal in the Premier League yet, it would be his first goal. I’ve spoken about this many times. Obviously, I’ve always been the one to take the penalties, but before When I arrived at the club, he was the official penalty taker and, from the moment I started taking penalties, he always respected that a lot and accepted it well, and from then on we always have this issue that he knows that, normally, the first batsman is me, but there is no competition here. Simply, if he needs to bat or if he asks me to bat, there is no problem, that was not the case, it was simply me who thought that for him It would be good to score, to have the confidence to score again, to be the first goal in the Premier League and with me, obviously, in the hope that it will give him a boost for the future”, he concluded.

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