Sporting and FC Porto qualified for the second phase of the European Cup

Sporting defeated Balkan Botevgrad tonight, in the group stage of the European Basketball Cup, by 90-72, a result that allows them to qualify for the second stage of the competition, just like FC Porto.


After beating the Bulgarians at Pavilhão João Rocha, in Lisbon, Sporting closes Group A in second place and ensures that they are one of the six best runners-up in this phase, who move forward together with the 10 group winners.

The results of the night’s games also determined that FC Porto, second in Group E, had been waiting since this afternoon for the night’s results to find out ‘their luck’.

The Bulgarian team played without pressure, as they were virtually first in the group, and ended up not making much of a point of winning the game, allowing Sporting to consolidate a comfortable and unquestionable victory early on.

Sporting needed to show the best face of the season to get the better of the Bulgarians of Balkan Botevgrad (90-72) to qualify for the next stage of the second round of the European Basketball Cup, joining FC Porto, who also assured the clearance this Wednesday.

Balkan arrived at the Lisbon game with only victories and in evident ‘relaxation’, to the point of immediately suffering a 12-0 partial. On the other hand, the ‘lions’ were interested in being able to win by many, because they didn’t know how many points they needed to win by to guarantee that they would be one of the six best runners-up.

Sporting’s outburst slowed down a bit and the first half ended at 23-16, with the difference then growing to 47-26 at half-time.

The Bulgarian team reacted in the third period, the only one they won in the game in Lisbon (21-29), but in the last quarter the host team once again ‘ruled the match’, winning 22-17.

The game at the João Rocha pavilion was the last to end on today’s program and at that moment it was already known that the ‘lion’ needed a nine-point lead to qualify, clearly surpassed with the 18 points achieved.

Sporting is the fifth best runner-up and FC Porto the sixth of those qualified in this way for the second phase.

Marcus LoVett was Sporting’s top scorer in the match, with 26 points and 10 assists, with Edward Ekiyor reaching 18 points and 13 rebounds.

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