President of Vélez confirms: “Prestianni is a Benfica player”

Young Argentine promise will cost, for now, nine million euros to Benfica’s coffers.

President of Vélez de Sarsfield, Fabián Berlanga, confirmed this Tuesday, in an interview with Antena 1, that he has already reached an agreement with Benfica with a view to the permanent transfer of Gianluca Prestianni.

The director admitted that he had accepted a proposal from the Reds worth around nine million euros, plus bonuses depending on the achievement of objectives, and, amid praise, left one certainty: “He is a Benfica player”.

“He’s very young, with a lot of technique, a lot of speed. He’s a great player. He has a fantastic future. He’s not even 18 yet. He’s shown this great desire to represent Benfica”, the Argentine club’s top leader began by saying.

“There was a postponement, because there was a change in the direction of the club. We recently took over and we had to resolve the matter quickly (…). We are talking, there are some documents missing. We are dealing with it. Arrival in January is very likely” , he completed.

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