Derby of the famous! The Sporting fans and Benfica fans that we all know

A rivalry that extends beyond the four lines.

Benfica and Sporting enter the field this Sunday, later, when the clock hits 8:30 pm. The most heated derby in the country will take over the Estádio da Luz, where thousands of fans are expected to be present.

In the stands, there will certainly be some familiar faces, especially because there are several famous people who don’t miss a game for their clubs for anything.

‘Pipoca Mais Doce’, for example, has never hidden that she is a staunch Benfica supporter, while Vanessa Oliveira is equally passionate about Sporting.

Daniel Oliveira and César Mourão, who at SIC pursue the same goal, also disagree when it comes to football. If the Program Director is a Benfica supporter, the comedian is a Sporting supporter.

Check out some images of celebrities who love Sporting and Benfica in the gallery.

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