Messi printed on a note? Bank of Argentina proposes tribute

At issue is the fact that everyone in Argentina only talks about the player, who won a world championship for the third time.

Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina is “analyzing” the possibility of printing Lionel Messi’s face on a series of thousand-peso notes (equivalent, approximately, to 5 euros), in honor of Argentina’s victory in the Football World Cup, in Qatar, on Sunday.

At issue is the fact that, according to information provided by Mediotempo, this Wednesday, everyone in Argentina is only talking about the player, who won a world championship for the third time.

And the euphoria about the star not only remained on the streets, but this possibility is now being rejected by the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina.

A few years ago, a series of coins had already been issued in the country to mark the first World Championship won by Argentina in 1978.

Argentine Lionel Messi completed, at the age of 35, the ‘circle’ of a unique career, by winning the Football World Cup, the title he was missing and from which he never gave up. Against the reigning champions, France, the South Americans reached 2-0 early, still came back in front in extra time (3-2), but only sealed the title on penalties, after a match in which Messi ended with seven goals. – after six between 2006 and 2018 -, two of them in the final, and three assists.

The Argentine ’10’, the worthy successor to Diego Armando Maradona, ended the mismatch by winning the 2021 Copa América, held in the middle of Maracanã, in a final with Brazil, and, already this year, had also won the Finalíssima, a competition between the champion of Europe and South America, against Italy.

The satisfaction was great but not total, as the World Cup was missing, which he had failed to win in 2006 (beaten in the quarter-finals), 2010 (quarter-finals), 2014 (final) and 2018 (round of 16): the 2022 edition it was his last chance.

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