PSP “target for throwing stones and bottles” after Benfica game

The police accuse the attacks after the game between Benfica and Famalicão, on Friday, of causing injuries to an officer. The PSP used “the force and firing of two less lethal munitions”.

Lisbon Metropolitan Command of the Public Security Police (PSP) made, this Saturday, a ‘survey’ of the security operation at the game held between Benfica and Futebol Clube de Famalicão , on Friday, in which it was received with a throw of stones and bottles , ending up with an injured agent.

The tense moment occurred when the police were trying to calm the spirits of the ‘No Name Boys’ fans, who were allegedly setting off pyrotechnic devices in the vicinity of the Estádio da Luz .

In a statement, PSP clarifies that “the football teams, as well as fans, entered and left the Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benfica, in safe conditions, without any incident to be recorded” .

During the game, however, “behaviors were recorded that led to the raising of three administrative offense notices”. At issue was the “use of pyrotechnic devices” . An administrative offense report was also registered for “inappropriate behavior”.

The PSP also reported the fall of a fan, “who needed to receive medical treatment” .

“After the end of the game, most of the fans left the stadium for their destinations, with a few hundred fans belonging to the ‘No Name Boys’ remaining nearby. Shortly after 0:00, on March 4, allegedly in celebration of the anniversary of that group, the fans, occupying the public road, began to set off pyrotechnic devices “, continued the PSP in a statement.

“These behaviors, in violation of the rules on road circulation and the use of pyrotechnics, began to put drivers and passersby who were still circulating in that area at risk” , the letter can also read.

Therefore, “the police officers who were part of the policing and who were monitoring those fans approached to dissuade and stop such behavior, and, in light of this movement, they were the target of throwing stones and bottles “.

These attacks resulted in “damage to two non-police vehicles and injuries to one of the police” , explained the PSP, which “in the face of illegal acts and violent behavior against the police”, carried out “a dispersal action, using force and the shooting of two less lethal munitions” .

Action that allowed “public order” to be restored, as well as the collection of various pyrotechnic items.

“The PSP calls on fans to comply with the legal and legitimate orders of the police, so that the safety of all participants in sporting events is guaranteed and to refrain from aggressive and violent behavior, in the face of which the PSP will not hesitate to have a deterrent and determined action”, concluded the police in the letter.

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