Ukrainian federation will boycott European competitions with Russian teams

Ukraine will boycott European competitions involving Russian teams, the Ukrainian Football Federation announced today, one day after UEFA eased sanctions imposed on Russia.

On Tuesday, UEFA reported that the Executive Committee approved the readmission this season of Russian under-17 teams into European competitions, maintaining the suspension of the remaining teams, clubs and national teams, due to the war in Ukraine.

“We will not participate in any competition in which Russian teams are present,” the Ukrainian federation said, “firmly condemning” the partial opening approved by UEFA and urging the European football governing body to “backtrack on its decision”.

The Ukrainian federation also called on others to “boycott matches involving Russian teams if they are readmitted”, a decision that was justified by UEFA with the need “not to punish children for acts that are the sole responsibility of adults”.

“The UEFA Executive Committee has decided that Russian teams featuring underage players will be readmitted to their competitions during the current season. In this regard, the Executive Committee has requested the UEFA administration to propose a technical solution that would allow the reinstatement of Russian underage teams under-17s (both female and male), even when the draws had already been carried out”, said UEFA, in a statement.

Despite being readmitted, the teams will play games outside the country, without a national flag, anthem or playing equipment, explained the UEFA Executive Committee, which met on Tuesday, in Limassol, Cyprus.

“It is particularly regrettable that, due to the persistence of the conflict, a generation of minors is deprived of their right to compete in international football”, he highlighted.

UEFA also reiterated its condemnation of “Russia’s illegal war” and confirmed that the suspension of all other Russian teams, clubs and national teams, will remain in force until the end of the conflict in Ukraine.

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