“I was a privileged school boy. They called me betinho”

Bernardo Silva also spoke about a possible return to Benfica.


berrnardo Silva traveled to his origins and the moment when he began to take his first steps, still very small, at Benfica, in an interview with Fátima Campos Ferreira, on RTP.

“They tell stories that I don’t remember, that even when I was little on the beach I could kick the ball well. I took a ball to school. They liked me to be a player and my birthday present was that they put me in Benfica’s schools. At the end of first training, as I was very good at it, at the age of seven they invited me to work with the federates. It was next to the Luz stadium, there was no Seixal yet. It was a shock, I was a school boy, privileged. Many at the age of nine had little for food or almost nothing, they went by transport. It was a shock for me to move into an environment where I saw that many people were going through difficulties. It encouraged me. They called me betinho.”, the Manchester City footballer began by saying, before expressing the desire to return to the Light.

“I would like [to return]. It’s a business in which there have to be two parties involved. I want, if the club wants it at the time, obviously things will happen. [is it worth many millions?] Right now, yes. If I return In Portugal, the financial part will not be there. I will want to receive a salary corresponding to my value, but always within what is practiced in Portugal. I will not be a crazy person to ask for things that do not make sense in our football”, he added, before emphasize that he supported Noronha Lopes in the previous Benfica elections. However, he highlights that he was surprised by Rui Costa’s performance so far at the helm of the club.

“I didn’t vote, because I came from a direction that, despite the good things it did, failed in others. At the time I thought it should have followed another path. I was surprised by what it did in the first year. It was my idol, it was my reference. I don’t care who the president of Benfica is at the time, but it’s a president who takes Benfica in the right direction”, he concluded.

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